Heritage Lake Farm is located at 18657 Mumford Road, Garrettsville, Ohio 44231 in Troy Township of Geauga County.  The farm is owned by the Gardner Family Limited Partnership, which is controlled by Marilyn and Michael Gardner, Co-General Partners.


This 100-acre farm features 36 acres of tillable fields, 50 acres of managed forestland, a modern, two bedroom dwelling, barn, sugarhouse and several seasonal cabins that overlook a 2.8-acre recreational lake.

Heritage Lake Farm, LLC is developing an economically sustainable agricultural business model by managing its natural resources to cultivate the high value, high margin farm products that will cover its costs of operations, maintenance and

necessary capital expenditures so that future generations will be able to enjoy this beautiful land forever.


The year 2018 marks the first year Heritage Lake Farm has produced and bottled its own maple syrup from a brand new sugarhouse.  Our maple syrup is sold locally under the “Mike’s Maple” brand name. We are proud to say we produced over 350 Gallons of USDA Grade A maple syrup this year of light, amber and dark colors and with flavor profiles from delicate to bold and robust.  Our maple syrup is all natural, 100% pure, and comes from a mix of hard, sugar maple and soft, red maple trees in the 50-acre "sugarbush" on the farm, We have 1400 taps under vacuum and boil without using reverse osmosis to concentrate the sap, in a 5'x 14' wood-fired evaporator and "steam away" sap pre-heater.


We also cultivate native watercress and chanterelle mushrooms (Cantharellus lateritius, the smooth chanterelle) and make good quality horse hay on 17 acres. And we lease another 18 acres to a local dairy farmer for growing animal feed.


These agricultural fields are available for custom grown production. We want to be your Personal Farmer – What can we grow for you?


Our vision is to encourage individuals and professional chefs to expand their offerings of freshly prepared foods by custom growing multiple varieties of specialty produce not otherwise available locally. Our goal is to develop a trusted relationship with customers/chefs/restauranteurs in order to satisfy their creative demand for the highest quality, locally grown farm products, delivered just-in-time for the ultimate experience in fresh food.


Heritage Lake Farms invites you to visit our operation by appointment only. Please contact us here.   

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